Attorney Patrick Fanelli


Along with Ms. Willett, Mr. Fanelli is a founding partner of Fanelli Willett Law Offices. Patrick focuses his practice on helping public and private employers navigate the increasingly regulated landscape of labor and employment law. Every year Pennsylvania school districts and other public entities turn to him for assistance in the collective bargaining process, while a number of others seek his guidance as a general solicitor.

Patrick served as a Past President of the Pennsylvania School Boards Solicitors Association. He has presented at numerous seminars in the field of education law, including the Sam Francis School Law Seminar in Pittsburgh, the Penn State School Study Council Seminar at the Dickinson School of Law, and various seminars and events sponsored by PSBA.

Personal/Civic Commitments

Patrick is proud to be practicing in the Altoona and Blair County area, where he was born and raised. Patrick and his wife Tiffany, who grew up a short distance away in Martinsburg, now live in Altoona with their five children.  He is an avid sports fan and enjoys spending time with his family. Patrick also enjoys helping with activities in his church and other community organizations.  He is the President of the Altoona Area Public Library Board and serves as a board member on the Altoona Area School District Foundation.

Academic Commitments

Adjunct Professor, Penn State University, Univ. Park, PA
  • College of Liberal Arts, Department of Labor and Employee Relations
  • Course Taught: Employment Law
Adjunct Professor, St. Francis University, Loretto, PA
  • Graduate School of Human Resource Management
  • Course Taught: Labor Law