With more than a quarter century of combined legal experience, Patrick Fanelli and Aimee Willett started Fanelli Willett Law Offices to provide quality legal representation to the types of public and private sector clients they had been serving for many years.

Take a moment to learn more about Fanelli Willett Law Offices, and you soon will discover – like so many other clients have – why Fanelli Willett is best equipped to handle your legal needs.

Our People

When you hire a law firm, you are hiring people. You want – and deserve – not only quality legal representation and advice, but also personable and friendly people who will come alongside you and help solve your problems with you. Fanelli Willett delivers all of that. Get to know the lawyers at Fanelli Willett.

Our Approach

We are not the “10th SchoolBoard member.” In other words, you are the client – we are not. We exist to provide you with all information and advice necessary to enable you to operate your entity or handle your particular matter the way you need to. We do not exist to interfere in the running of your business, but rather to equip you to run it.

Our Technology

We use the most modern technology available, in order to provide you with the most effective service possible. From electronic file management systems to the newest methods of communication, we are set up to provide you with the efficient and effective service you have come to expect from any modern business.

Our Location

Our easily accessible office is located in Duncansville, on State Route 764, just a short distance rom Interstate 99 and State Route 22. More importantly, we are located wherever YOU are. Much of your legal needs occur where you are, and our central PA location means we are never far away from being where you need us to be.